Ailish is a shining light to so many people through her compassion and dedication to helping and supporting those with mental health and addiction.Ailish Teague with her husband Manus founded Life Change Changes Lives (LCCL) a registered charity that provides support to those in the community with mental ill health and/or addiction. Ailish is the Project Manager who also provides mentoring to all the participants.
Throughout Lockdown the Centre itself was closed but Ailish maintained an amazing normality in keeping the project active from her home. Like her husband Manus, she was on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week for participants in crisis. To help maintain good mental health and prevent isolation she organised Creative Kits and Baking Kits to be distributed to members, each kit relevant to the individual’s interest. She encouraged a few small local businesses to support her in the project, and, in the meantime, promote their business. Hence, food parcels were prepared and distributed to participants, including specially sourced produce for local Syrian families.
Ailish maintained constant contact with participants via group chats, zoom calls, and daily phone calls with the most isolated; she organised a photographic competition with winning photographs made into a calendar and a prize for the overall winner; She had wooden planters made, provided compost, vegetable plants and seeds and distributed them around families to encourage healthy sustainable living.
Every project was carefully thought out, planned, and implemented with her usual tireless and thoughtful dedication.
Ailish has been the shining inspiration throughout these darkest of times and remained focused, determined, and inspirational.For further information Life Change Changes Lives (LCCL) Pop Up Art is located at 41 Market Street, Downpatrick. 02844616166
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