Prior to the Covid pandemic, Barrie joined The Brick team initially as a café volunteer. Barrie worked tirelessly managing the demands of a very busy café. Since March 2020, Barrie transferred to supporting the transport team and took on the new role as a volunteer van driver. Barrie’s role as a van driver involves collecting all donated food from a variety of sources which includes: supermarkets, schools, community projects and local residential homes. Barrie also supports the food bank further by delivering food parcels to the most vulnerable in the community.

Barrie has displayed nothing but hard work, dedication and determination throughout the ongoing pandemic situation. The work is very physical and Barrie always gets the job done! Barrie has developed a good working relationship with community partners, agencies, staff and other volunteers. Everyone is agreement with this nomination that I am putting forward. Barrie is an outstanding volunteer and always goes the extra mile for all. It is a pleasure to work alongside Barrie. Barrie truly is a community hero!