Following a visit to the school Brian Piner, a keen gardener with his own allotment, considered that due to the nature of NEXUS, the garden would benefit from the installation of a series of raised beds and saw there was scope for developing NEXUS as a community hub. The basic field, grass and hedgerows gave a great deal of scope for a number of activities but Brian was aware that there was no garden and felt a difference could be made by creating one, or a smallholding, for the students to enjoy and to learn gardening and garden husbandry skills.
Since then, a grant was obtained by Rotary from the #CongelowTrust which paid for a shed, tools, raised beds for wheelchair access and a greenhouse. A gazebo was also purchased with benches and seating so that the students could be taught in the immediate environment in the dry and offering shade when necessary. A further 18 beds were raised to help students with bending difficulties.
When the Trustees visited the school and saw first-hand what their grant had provided, they generously awarded a further £6,000, enabling seeds, plants and a polytunnel to be bought.
Prior to lockdown Brian had been working in the garden 3 times a week teaching student groups the art of gardening and providing for their families and the school. The produce grown by the students is used in the school cookery lessons so nothing is wasted.
Brian recently commented that thanks to monies from #Rotary and the Congelow Trust more fruit trees are being added together with a polytunnel and he is now working in the garden 2 days a week but will increase this to 3 days after Easter.