Many people have come and gone over the years here in Podsmead but none of them were/are as passionate about improving this community as Byron is!

He is young enough to stay enthusiastic about his efforts to work for us, he has a vast knowledge of the area and what works for some folk and not for others, he is constantly ‘pounding the beat’ looking for things that need repair, improvement or replacing and always follows through by contacting the right people to do the job! He always does as much as is humanly possible to get a result.

He also provides a kind of ‘care in the community’ service, for example: one neighbour of mine was extremely worried about the security of her home – Byron had ALL the up to date information acquired at the relevant meetings being held by local organisations and put her mind at rest as soon as she contacted him.

Another resident here was widowed and her garden became a mess – she couldn’t cope – Byron organised help for her and that help is now an on going thing. New friendships have been formed because of his help. Byron brings people together in many ways that he doesn’t realise himself. He also helped me when my Grandson was looking for work by suggesting good organisations that could help – things we hadn’t considered or knew about!

Byron was nominated for a believe in Gloucestershire award for his hard work and dedication he was the youngest ever person to become a community development worker at the age of 17 Byron is now 21 and doesn’t stop working. He also offered his time to the nhs as a mental health social worker in 2020 lockdown.

This man truly deserves to be recognised for his hard work and voluntary dedication to our area.

This 21 year old goes above and beyond at such a young age.

Cllr Miller adds: “Byron campaigned for road safety, youngest ever community development worker at the age of 17. Raised £500 towards the windrush day. Raised 1000 pounds for the vulnerable in the area.
Sings for the old people in Christmas times; handed out hampers to the most vulnerable residents; handed out 300 art parks during the first covid pandemic; worked as volunteer in the nhs as a mental health worker to help people get though the pandemic. He is the hardest working youngest member of the Podsmead community.”