Caroline has been a passionate and confident volunteer for PAPYRUS for several years.  Caroline regularly attends community events so that she can be at a PAPYRUS information stand and give information to the public.  It can be daunting to talk about a tough subject such as suicide, especially to people that you don’t know, or have no knowledge of their life experiences. Caroline does this effortlessly, her calm and kind personality means that people do share their lived experiences with her.  She is able to tell that person all about PAPYRUS’s helpline, HOPELINEUK, and the support that the advisors can offer. Caroline has completed lots of training with PAPYRUS and so she is confident to tell people about what this training has to offer and how it helps to build new skills and knowledge.

It is difficult to measure the number of lives that Caroline has helped to save but at every event she speaks to many people and gives potentially life-saving information.  Every interaction could be life-saving.  Every conversation that Caroline has helps to smash the stigma.

PAPYRUS believes that young suicide is preventable and that many young lives can be saved by equipping people with the tools and skills needed to identify and respond to a young person at risk we can all have a part to play in breaking down the stigma around suicide. PAPYRUS depends on volunteers like Caroline.  Caroline is helping to create suicide-safer communities. This unassuming, personable and committed volunteer has helped to save lives.