David Stanley BEM
Churchill Fellow, Paul Harris Fellow, RSA Fellow
Global Challenge Peace Ambassador for People with Learning Disabilities Founder and CEO of The Music Man Project (Charity Number 1188041)

“The Music Man Project is paving the way in showing the excellent work that can be doneand the enjoyment and excitement that musicians with learning disabilities can get through performance”
UK Prime Minister, 2019
Here is a short video about his work: https://youtu.be/CKspkq3yboU
Below are some additional links and attached is our general information booklet to give you some further background.
Website – http://www.themusicmanproject.com
Blog – http://www.themusicmanblog.com
The Music Man Project YouTube Channel
The Music Man Project Podcast – including our new radio show on Chelmsford Community Radio
Social Media: The Music Man Project UK Facebook Page.David and The Music Man Project was especially important during the lockdowns.
He wrote blogs with lots of interesting videos to showcase what I did to help this vulnerable section of our society during these difficult times: https://www.themusicmanblog.com/post/the-music-man-project-s-covid-2020-a-video-historyhttps://youtu.be/tpwwshDDydo

Daniel is the man with the drum and sticks dancing in this video. I will always be grateful for the smile David brought to him that day.