Gillian Campbell is the Chairperson of, and the driving force behind, The Strangford Residents’ Association.

Strangford is a small village community of 500 people on the County Down coast which is a beautiful location. We have all the advantages of rural calm and extraordinary beauty and also the challenges of rural isolation and an ageing population.

Gillian recognised, over 2 years ago, that our village needed much better organisation in terms of facilitating mutual help and support, as well as improving representation to statutory agencies.

She created the new Village Association which now has the registered support of most of the Village households. Her energy and commitment keeps the Association engaged in activities essential to vibrant Village life including support for the elderly, promotion of our Arts community, preserving our heritage and enhancing our environment.

Without Gillian’s enthusiasm and encouragement we would have achieved few of the benefits that the Association continues to bring to our community.