Keyaan also participated in “Take one Leave One”, organising a cloth rail and donated coats so that homeless could access coats in cold weather and people could leave unwanted coats. He has now organised three “Take One Leave One” coat rails in High Wycombe.

During COVID, and the lock-down period, and unable to donate soup due to the social distancing restrictions, Keyaan joined the Stokenchurch Community Support Group alongside many kindhearted village volunteers running errands for those Isolated and Shielding. Keyaan began collecting for One-Can-Trust and he both utilised and engaged the village via the platform the village support Group offered in order to maximise village participation alongside other Street Heroes. (See –

Keyaan continues to evolve the “SOUP-a-Candle” brand to increase his homeless support and is selling other products including bathbombs, soap, face coverings. He has also made and sold face masks all to raise money for the homeless.

Amidst studying for his A-levels, Keyaan still continues to expand his business to raise money to support the homeless however he can. For anyone, this intensity of activity would be impressive, but for a teenager, his efforts are simply outstanding. He won a Proud of Bucks Award for his efforts in the Young Community Hero category in 2020 –