Laura came to work for us over 3 years ago, she says she was drawn into our premises by the colours and laughter. What we didn’t know at the time was that Laura had been fitted with a Stoma just 6 months ago when she enquired about volunteering and had been encouraged to get off her recuperative couch by her aunt and join the world again. Laura never mentioned her Stoma, never hid it either, but did not seek special treatment because of her condition she just kept on volunteering and achieving great rapport with our participants by her empathy and kindness. I had recognised the symptons of Marfan’s Syndrome in Laura as I have a friend with Marfan’s but did not question Laura about it as it was up to her if she wished to divulge or discuss her condition. During the water challenge when one of our participants went along to support Laura by getting into the water with her, Laura revealed that she had a Stoma and when discussing her pacemaker revealed that she had Marfan’s. She has not tried to hide any of her conditions rather did not want special treatment because of them which has led Laura to follow her dreams through University and Volunteering and Metal For Life which all go up to make the incredible inspirational young woman she is. We say that we always only choose the most special people to volunteer with us and this is so true of Laura. We could not be more proud of her achievement and association with our Charity.

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