Linda Owens has radically improved the role of community Champion in our local ASDA store since she took over the role. See the Facebook page for all the projects she has helped so much especially during the pandemic. She has enabled us to keep a much needed donation trolley in a prominent location in the store and regularly encourages donations. At the start of the first lockdown in March, I was ill with mental health issues and finding it difficult to get the much needed shopping for Fountain Foodbank. This was due to pressure on supplies, limits on orders and safety issues. Linda personally stepped in and collected the items we needed her self, packed them in trolleys and made it possible for our volunteers to collect the shopping on a weekly basis. This meant the foodbank was not short of supplies. She also recently heard about some families who had left Syria due to violence and donated special food items to help these families who have been having difficulty heating their homes and providing food currently. She is always so keen to help and goes far beyond her role. I know she encourage ASDA staff by making breakfast for them when they are under pressure. She is so kind.