Lynn had worked as a volunteer for a charity and decided that she needed to do more and decided to form her own charity in 2016. She has worked without taking any time off since the charity was formed and works sometimes 7 days a week, answering phone calls and emails, and helping to get people into accommodation, or some other assistance when needed. She has formed close relationships with other Charities, local council and outreach and support teams, and goes out of her way to help people in need. The venue gives out 2 free meals a day to anyone who comes in, and supplies meals to a local night shelter for the residents of ABEN. The Charity has built up good relationships with local shops and supermarkets, who supply food free of charge to help with the meals. All this has been done whilst she suffers with her own health and mobility issues, but this doesn’t hold her back from trying to help anyone in need every day.