Manus Teague together with his wife Ailish founded the charity Life Change Changes Lives that provides support to those in the community with mental ill health and/or addiction. Manus overcame his own alcohol addiction sixteen years ago, retrained to become a BACP counsellor, and now gives one2one counselling to those in need and/or crisis. Throughout Lockdown, Manus and Ailish have continued to work remotely maintaining contact with participants and unfailingly providing support.
Manus is a qualified chef and during lockdown has recorded weekly cooking videos on social media, showing families and those living on their own how to prepare and cook nourishing meals economically, encouraging good dietary habits and family unity.
During these videos he openly and honestly discusses how he overcame his personal addiction, his journey, inspiring and encouraging participants to care for their mental health, offering advice on how to gain the strength to open up to others, and not to be afraid reach out and ask for help.
Although the videos are instructive and include serious topics, Manus makes it a fun interaction as participants are encouraged to recreate the recipes, post their photos on the LCCL & Pop Up Art Facebook and win a prize.

Moreover, his own health is severely compromised by a blood disorder which makes him extremely vulnerable to infection. But despite this, he continues to respond to those in personal distress or crisis, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, by giving one-to-one counselling, in a safe environment; no-one is ever turned away. If a person is in crisis Manus will respond.