Mike is always happy to go the extra mile and always with kindness and a smile.

Mike started off volunteering by collecting shopping and prescriptions for people who are self-isolating. Since then he has become involved in delivering flyers to homes around High Wycombe to let people know what is available, and he also joined the team that matches people’s needs with those who have volunteered to help.

Mike has been volunteering with High Wycombe Mutual Aid since March 2020 but has been involved in volunteering (on and off) since he was a teenager. The level of involvement has varied over the years depending on Mike’s other commitments; he currently volunteers with High Wycombe Mutual Aid in response to the pandemic as well as acting for free in student films (currently on hold due to the pandemic). Mike says: “I enjoy the follow-up phone calls to people who our buddies have helped, and they are invariably delighted with the support they have been getting. Hopefully, it has meant that they have been able to make it through these troubled times a little more easily than would otherwise have been the case.”

Mike always felt compelled to give back to society; he found the role with High Wycombe Mutual Aid by posting on Facebook saying he was fit and well, and wanted to help people who are not so fortunate. He
was directed to the High Wycombe Mutual Aid page and started volunteering.

More information about High Wycombe Mutual Aid is here.