Cllr Grainne O’Neill: Petr has recently been brought to my attention through the amazing work he has been doing by picking litter in his local area. Petr is an avid litter picker and has went as far as designing his own equipment to help with the community clean ups. He has designed and made a wheelbarrow and a buggy to collect his litter which shows his passion and determination for keeping our community clean. Petr is out regularly with his handmade equipment clearly the area and is trying to encourage others to firstly stop littering but for others to help keep their areas clean. I feel he would be so deserving of this recognition because he is a young boy who has chosen to go above and beyond during lockdown and now calls litter picking his hobbie. I feel like we could all learn a lot from Petr through his work ethic and determination. Petr was out 4 days last week litter picking, he never stops!