During the pandemic, Rob has worked endlessly to improve the charity’s base, set in 84 acres of beautiful countryside, with its own farm, café, and outdoor horticulture and activity areas. Accessibility is key to our members being able to fully enjoy all of the benefits of our site and Rob has been fundamental to improving this for those who use wheelchairs and other accessibility aids.

Using his skills, Rob has driven heavy machinery and created pathways. This has enabled everyone to be able to access and enjoy aspects of the site such as our summerhouses, chill out areas and orchard. Rob has also used recyclable materials such as pallet wood to create beautiful wooden planters, recycling bins and classroom display boards, helped build a new stable and refurbished much of the site, all ready for our returning members. Previously an upholsterer, Rob has also recovered some very tired looking chairs!

Beyond his practical help, Rob always has a smile on his face and, as our Site Manager says, “he is an all-round good egg!” During the pandemic the charity’s more vulnerable members have continued to attend their activities and Rob is well known for putting them at ease, including them in his work and building their confidence and skillsets. In short, Rob has made our site look better, enabled more people to enjoy it and made many people so much happier. Rob, you are kind and selfless and we love you!