Robert has been an active community volunteer for many many years. He is involved with lots of community groups including Ayr North Community Council, South Ayrshire Community Transport, and Lochside Neighbourhood Group. He attends all group meetings and brings with him ideas, problem solving and decision making skills. Robert gives so much of his time to his community and is always happy to help in any way he can, nothing is a bother to him. The Neighbourhood Group help to tackle community issues and have also organised Clean up Days, Christmas Dinners/ Parties, Spring Teas, Big Lunch, Bike project, Competitions at local school Braehead Primary, hosted children’s Halloween Parties and Fun Days, donated money to the local food bank and taken elderly members of the community on day trips. Robert has been involved in all of these events and can be found doing anything from litter picking, cooking, Master of Ceremonies, serving, doing dishes and when he gets a chance he’s on the dance floor! The group have also recently developed a community garden and as a keen gardener Robert has been at the forefront of this project sharing his knowledge and skills, He is a force of nature and he is 84 years young! Robert also attends Ayr North Time Team where is is respected for his wealth of knowledge on local history. He also performs at our Celebration of Robert Burns event, addressing the Haggis and reciting Tam O’ Shanter. He is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Robert for all the years of volunteering you have done for your community. We all truly appreciate you!