While many have family, relatives and friends to help, some don’t and need a bespoke package of support measures in place. Sarah is responsible for making those assessments and getting things organised. Having previously worked in Buckinghamshire’s home care and day centre services, Sarah has developed the skills, knowledge and background for this demanding role.

Described as an ‘absolute legend’ for her work, Sarah’s compassion and care has already been recognised by the Council in their staff awards and locally by the mayor of Aylesbury Town Council through his Christmas ‘Key Worker Duck Trial’ awards in 2020. From over 20 nominations, she won the ‘Nursing/Caring Duck’ (a hand-painted duck statue) for her dedication and kindness to those in the local community. Receiving the award, Sarah said: “….My heroes throughout have been and always will be all the amazing staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, they have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic looking after very sick people and working extra long hours, they are an inspiration!”

And, not content with just her ‘day job’, Sarah’s also found time to provide more help for those around her. Her local fundraising helps the hospital and she also brings in donations for hard-working staff. She’s also helped start a clothing and toiletry bank for use when more elderly patients have no suitable clothes or personal items.