Sue is 74 and originally from Scunthorpe, she joined the army at 17 and was stationed at Bulford Manor. On leaving the army, Sue became a house keeper for several high ranking officers in Tidworth, worked for the NAAFI for many years and spent 10 years working at Tesco before retiring a few years ago. Sue now loves to spoil her 4 grandchildren and her great granddaughter as well as enjoying her voluntary work for ENCIRCLES.

Sue has been volunteering at the community meal every Sunday for almost two years. Since the first lockdown, this has had to change to a takeaway service of a hot lunch and a supper bag.  Sue makes all the sandwiches and bags up the cakes to put in the supper bags, always adding extra sweet surprises that she purchases every week.

She then cleans down the whole hall and kitchen when the cooks have finished and are out delivering the food. 

We are proud to nominate Sue as a Community Hero for her unwavering commitment to help provide food to those in need every week and for rising to the challenge of doing that in a different way during the pandemic – and always with a smile!

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